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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jian's Drawings

Jian just joined a home arts class which he love to attend so much.He is keen on drawing ever since he was small and has been asking us to send him for arts class during kindy and primary one. This year we seriously consider his request after my colleague's recommendation on Arts Class conducted at home centre.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't cry, baby

Wow Wow, Wei Zhi cried out aloud.
It was very tiring for Wei Zhi during this CNY and he finally turned his face down when visiting great grandma.However, after Piao took over to carry him,he stopped crying.

My grandma is 88 years old now and I hope she can have a a healthy and longevity life.Wishing her all the best in the Niu Year.

Gong Xi Gong Xi - Wei Zhi visited grandma

We went to my mum's house on the third day of CNY.I have a good chit chat with the siblings,have a delicious lunch, CNY biscuits,cakes etc. The youngest sister even bought some clothes for my kids besides Ang Pow,thanks!
On the other hand,Wei Zhi felt so tired after whole day there and make some sign that he would like to sleep. So,we brought him upstairs for a nap.But when he saw the bed he felt excited and energetic. After a while he even made a poo.
Overall, this CNY is quite tiring for Wei Zhi and us as we have a few places to visit. It seemed like we were rushing here and there according to Wei Zhi schedule.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caring School?

I wonder whether Jain's new school is really a caring school?

A few days after school re-open,the class teacher distributed a little book about "Caring Plan" and a lovely notebook to every student.This make me believe that the school really implement some kind of caring system as advertised in the banner hung up in the school compound.

Well,there are a few phenomenons exhibit that the teachers in Jian's school are more caring compare to previous school.

First,free stationary (eraser,pencils and rulers) are given out to students who want.Jian said even Ben10 (favourite Carton) stationary included.But Jian did not ask for its ince he already had the whole set including school bag,eraser,sharper,pencils,ruler,pencil case etc.

Besides,there is teacher appeared to be more concern on student rather than school work.For example,the Arts teacher ask them to prepare art work by cutting Ang Pow at home.But add on that if they need to complete homework till 9.30pm then they should go to sleep and bring the Ang Pow to do it in school.
Finally,the class teacher asks the class to give big applause after student stand up and read aloud. Though the teacher is new and still adapting to the teaching environment and school activities,but I am glad that she encourage her students.

The school also organize class cleaniness competition across different forms.Students from the most clean class will be given some mystery gift. Jian is inspired and determined to help out. He even volunteered to sweep the floor, clean the windows though it's not his duty.

Today when we send Jian to school,surprisingly the PA system in all classrooms played the CNY song. I felt so impressed and enjoyable.Nowadays even Shopping Complex are lack of this kind of music around.

I really hope that this school can motivate Jian in his study and enable him to learn happily in school.
May my wish come true.

Class seating & Home work

Jian classroom is located at second floor and luckily we bring him to school everyday so we can help him to carry the school bag.
In Jian's 2K class,teacher arranged him to sit in the second row ,second column from the left.
I love the seating position that enable him to see better in front. Actually the seating arrangement in the class is quite special whereby the most left and right column actually facing towards the centre of classroom instead of black board.I guess this arrangement is to avoid stress to the students' eyes.

On the other hand,I found Jian's new school is quite systematic.
Besides locker for each student, the classroom has a whiteboard indicate the date and words for Ejaan/Spelling to remind the students.Furthermore, there is an erasable card board titled as "today's homework list" written by respective teachers. So,since three weeks in school,Jian showed great improvement in completing his homework.Last year, we faced difficulty to trace his homework of the day and he would say no homework most of the time.


Monday, January 12, 2009

School Re-open

It has been a busy week for me to prepare Jian to go back to school,which is a new school for us.
So I am like the parents of standard one student who appeared at school to ensure their child are taken good care of. The tasks inculdes submit student particulars,canteen catering,books purchase,fees/charges,school badges,etc.
Finally,after one week, Jian has settled down with the new school,day care/tuition centre. I felt relief that we had made a right choice to transfer Jian since :-
(a) no school bus needed - we can send him to school ourselves and know better of his everyday work.
(b) in the new school,every student is given a locker to keep their books or belongings -this really help to reduce the weight of school bag.
(c) the school facility is better and I especially love the aircond library which has a computerized system to borrow books
(d) Jian can do his homework and attend tuition at daycare.